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Academy Council

What does the Academy Council do?

  • It acts as a key link between the Academy, parents and the local community.
  • It champions the work of the Academy in the local community.
  • It acts as a sounding board for the Principal and Academy Leadership Team as they plan the future development of the Academy and represents the views of different parts of the school community to influence decision making. 
  • It keeps an eye on how the plans are implemented, ensuring that the Oasis Ethos remains at the heart of the Academy community.
  • It continually reviews the overall impact of the Academy among the people it exists to serve and makes suggestions for improvement.
  • It helps on the ground with the implementation of certain Academy policies (e.g. Student Admissions and Behaviour).
  • It offers challenging but positive and proactive support to the Principal.

Academy Council

Names Appointed by Role Date Appointed End Date Business/ Pecuniary Interests Attendance 2016/17 Attendance 2017/18
Emilda Morgans
Sponsor (Community Chair)
Safeguarding / Behaviour 21/05/15 21/05/2018
6/6 2/2
Pam Smith Local Authority SMSC 21/05/15 21/05/18 None 5/6 1/2
Sponsor (Community) Health & Safety 15/05/15 15/05/18 None 4/6 2/2
Douglas Muazawi Sponsor (Community) Pupil Premium 12/10/16 12/10/19 None 3/5 0/2
Charlie Pritchard-Brennan Sponsor (Community) SMSC 02/05/17 02/05/20 None 2/2 1/2
Alice Sunderland Staff Councillor (Teaching)   06/12/16 06/12/19 None 4/5 1/2
Razia Ayub Parent Councillor Attendance 07/12/16 06/12/19 None 5/5 2/2
Sajid Masood Parent Councillor   07/12/16 07/12/19 None 2/4 0/2
James Pape Principal   N/a N/a None 6/6 2/2
Balal Saleem Sponsor (Community) SEND 14/11/17 14/11/2020 None N/a 2/2
Colette Brittain Sponsor (Community Vice Chair) SEND 19/10/15 03/03/17 None 2/5 -

The Academy Council does not have the statutory responsibilities are held at national level by the OCL Board. All Academy Councillors are appointed by the Oasis Community Learning National Executive.

Oasis Academy Councils are made up of between 7 – 15 people. This list is updated every six months or annually. All Academy Councillors are appointed for a 3 year term of office unless stated otherwise.

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