Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Academy Leadership Team

Mr J Pape Principal
Mrs C Michels Head of Primary
Mrs J Duncan Assistant Principal - Primary
Mrs A Gormal Assistant Principal - Secondary
Miss C Dalton Assistant Principal/Director of Inclusion

Middle Leaders

Miss V Towne Head of Faculty English
Mr J Quarterman Head of Faculty Mathematics
Mr R Hinchliffe Head of Faculty Science
Miss L McCalla Head of Faculty Humanities
Miss K Evans Head of Faculty Technology
Mr P Mills KS3 Phase Lead
Miss H Pickard KS2 Phase Lead
Miss R Cheetham KS1 Phase Lead
Miss E Smith EYFS Lead


Academy Teaching Staff - Secondary

Miss L Hemmen Teacher of English
Miss E Muir Teacher of Mathematics
Miss F Kozma Teacher of Science
Mr G Fish Teacher of History
Miss A Arrenberg Teacher of Geography
Miss A Kelshaw Teacher of Art
Miss N Harper Teacher of MFL

Academy Teaching Staff - Primary

Miss H Pickard Teacher Y6
Miss S Coleman Teacher Y5
Miss H Naylor Teacher Y4
Mrs K Ceesay Teacher Y4
Mrs E Epworth Teacher Y3
Miss E Caudwell Teacher Y3
Miss R Cheetham Teacher Y2
Miss J Brown Teacher Y2
Miss A Sunderland Teacher Y1
Mrs A Franklin Teacher Y1
Miss E De Sousa Teacher Reception
Miss E Smith Teacher Reception
Miss E Dunning Teacher Nursery


Academy Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss S Begum
Mrs S Khan
Miss C Chantler
Miss D Wardle

Academy Teaching Assistants Level 3

Mrs P Sajawal
Mrs J Ryan

Academy Teaching Assistants Level 2

Miss E Eakins
Miss S Howard
Mrs R Younis
Miss A Cummings
Miss H Lasonder
Miss R Allen-Miller
Miss H Franks
Mrs H Mallari
Mr S Paine
Miss A Bibi
Miss A Owen
Miss D Haimeed
Miss I Akhtar (Apprentice)
Mr W Highfield (Apprentice)
Miss L Thompson (Apprentice

Academy Administration and Support Team

Mrs B Eaton Operations Manager
Mrs J Willis Data Manager & Exams Officer
Mrs R Latif-Meah Administration Assistant
Mrs S Matthews Receptionist
Mr J Oxley Cover Supervisor
Mr T Shaw Facilities Manager
Mr H Fothergill Apprentice Site Assistant


Pastoral Support

Miss S Moore Pastoral Manager - Primary
Mrs K Benefer Pastoral Manager - Year 7
Miss Z Horsfall Pastoral Manager - Year 8
Mrs E Bellamy Attendance & Welfare Officer
Miss C Auty Administration Assistant


Mrs B Amin
Mrs B Begum
Miss S Khan
Mrs F Manzoor
Mrs S Yussuf
Mrs L Omari-Alaoui