Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

We will create a thriving Academy that is at the heart of our community, committed to developing successful learners for the future, through delivering outstanding outcomes for all.

Through this we will ensure that our learners leave us prepared to have a positive impact on the world in their own unique way.

We will aim to create an exciting, secure and happy environment, which provides opportunities for nurturing personal growth and fostering the development of enquiring minds. Our Academy will be a happy and vibrant place where expectations are high, everyone is valued and encouraged to be their very best, and given opportunities to make their dreams a reality.

Our Academy Sentence

"To provide an exceptional education at the heart of our community, which prepares our children to have a positive impact on the world in their own unique way."

Our Values

  • Pride - We endeavour to be proud of what we achieve
  • Respect - We respect our similarities and our differences
  • Enthusiasm - We approach everything we do with enthusiasm
  • Courage - We approach every new opportunity with courage
  • Hope - We maintain a deep sense of hope that the future can be transformed

Our Beliefs

  • Every Child - All children can be successful, regardless of their background
  • No Excuses - Adults, Teachers and other Academy staff, parents and carers are responsible for ensuring students achieve their potential
  • High Expectations - Children, Staff, Schools and Communities will live up to the expectations place upon them
  • Lead Learning - The most important things that happen in a school happen in classrooms
  • No Islands - When great schools, Staff and Children work together, anything is possible