Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Lunches

Each day here at Oasis Academy Don Valley we all sit down and enjoy a healthy meal together, ‘Family Dining’.  Children sit together formally at mixed age tables with some of our older children given a role to perform of serving food to our younger ones.

All of our meals are freshly prepared each day and cooked on site; these are healthy and nutritionally balanced and include vegetables or salad followed by a dessert or fresh fruit. Children are offered a choice including meat (Halal pre-stunned) or vegetarian - sample menus are available upon request from the Academy Reception.

We know that children do not always prefer to eat vegetables or healthy food but we believe that having a healthy meal helps children to learn. We feel that the meal we provide ensures that children receive a balanced meal in the middle of the day, which supports them with their concentration levels in the afternoon and therefore, supports them in making progress.

Here at Oasis Academy Don Valley, we reinforce this message and would encourage parents and carers to do the same at home.

We firmly believe that ‘Family Dining’ helps all of our children to embrace our Academy value of respect, gives children responsibility and helps them to socialise with others, more importantly it ensures everyone has access to a healthy meal. Each half term tables are changed to ensure our Academy community develops a better understanding of each other and all children feel part of our Academy family, for these reasons we ask for full parental support.

Parents are reminded that children are not allowed to bring in sweets, crisps or fizzy drinks. If a child brings in any of these items in to the Academy then these will be confiscated and children will receive a sanction.

Click here to check if your child is eligible for free school meals 

OADV Packed Lunch Policy 

Packed Lunch Parental Consultation

Following on from the information in our last Newsletter we are now moving into the next phase of consultation on packed lunches. Please take the time to complete the questionnaire to help the Academy make an informed decision on this matter. Your views are very important to us.

Until this consultation period is completed all children will still be required to continue to have a hot meal as part of the Academy’s Family Dining Service. Once a final decision has been made at the end of the consultation period this will be communicated to all parent.

Please do not forget to submit once you have filled in your answers and we would ask that this is completed by Friday 20th November 2020. Thank you

Packed Lunch Parental Consultation