Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Role of Parents

We value developing positive relationships with parents and carers. Before children start nursery or reception, we make links with parents by visiting the children at home, which is followed by a visit to the nursery or reception with the parents. We have a strong parental engagement plan and parents are invited On this page, talk about how you believe the journey of education is a shared venture into the academy throughout the year for events, workshops, talks, exhibitions, stay and play sessions and parents mornings. There are lots of things to support you on our website, including some Phonics videos Phonics - Oasis Academy Don Valley.

We recognise the role that you have played in shaping the development of your child, and we place great value in developing our partnership with you as they continue their educational journey. We do this through:

  • Providing opportunities for parents/carers to talk about their child with the Nursery Leaders before starting school with us
  • Special Stay and Play classes
  • Home visits for when your child will be joining us, giving you the chance to get to know us, and us you
  • Offering parents regular opportunities to talk about their child’s progress in our nursery encouragement to spend time with the children during their first few weeks of settling in
  • Encouraging parents and carers to talk to staff if there are any concerns. If needed a meeting will be set up between the staff and parent/carer so that any issues can be resolved quickly. There is a formal meeting for parents in the autumn and spring term at which the teacher and the parent discuss the child’s progress in private with the teacher. Parents receive a report on their child’s attainment and progress at the end of each school year
  • Having flexible admission arrangements that enable children and parents/carers to become secure, and by allowing time to discuss each child’s circumstances
  • Arranging a range of activities throughout the year that encourage collaboration between child, school and parents/carers
  • Offering a range of activities that support the involvement of parents. There is regular communication with home through the child’s Learning Guide
  • Providing, at the start of every term, on our website and as a Home School Newsletter and Curriculum map will be sent home informing parent/carers of the topics and areas of the curriculum to be covered and also any relevant information that may help the parent/carer of the child