Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Attendance and Punctuality

At Oasis Academy Don Valley we believe that outstanding attendance is vital for all children if they are to gain the most from the education we provide. There are clearly documented links between regular attendance and how well children achieve in school. Every Class teacher will regularly check the attendance of their class and will follow up a children’s absences with appropriate personnel in our academy and where necessary the academy will follow up with the child’s parents.  We hope that parents will assist us in our work of raising attendance levels.

All young people have a right to an exceptional education. Parents/Carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends regularly and punctually. If a child does not, parents/carers may be breaking the law. Parents should ensure their children arrive at the Academy on time, in correct uniform and in a condition to learn.  Parents need to see themselves as partners with the Academy in the education of their children.

If any of the Academy staff have worries about a child's absence or do not accept the explanation as genuine or exceptional, they will raise the matter with the Principal and the Academy’s Pastoral team.  

Please click here to see Oasis Academy Don Valley's Attendance Statement


  • Good attendance and punctuality are directly linked to achievement
  • 10 minutes late each day means 1 lesson lost each week
  • 1 Academy day lost each half term means 6 days lost in an academic year