Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Bubble Closure Support

In the event of a bubble closure due to COVID-19 please use this page of the website to support and guide you with commonly asked questions and matters that may arise.

Online Learning for Secondary pupils 

All our families and students that were learning with us from home throughout the national lockdown, you will hopefully now be very familiar with Microsoft Teams. For everyone newer to the school and those looking for some more guidance, we hope to offer it here.

Microsoft Teams is an online platform that can be used to connect our teachers to our students. Staff and students can safely and   securely teach live lessons, set and give feedback on work, and allow two-way communication between both parties. We also use   it for online assemblies and sharing key messages with students. We will do this, even after the challenges of COVID-19 have passed.

Logging in

Only users with an Oasis IT and email account can gain access to our MS Teams, ensuring students online safety and confidence in who they will see and speak to on the platform.

  • Users must know their school email address and password (used to log in to our computers in school too) to gain access
  • Please see our 'Tips and Tricks Guide' for students accessing remote learning from home
  • In the event that your bubble is sent home, please see our OADV Remote Learning Plan

How to Guides:

Joining a Teams Meeting
Using Powerpoint
Using Word