Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Class Newsletter

Every Half term each class will publish their own newsletter. This will contain useful information on the topic children are currently studying and will offer parents and carers guidance on how they can best support their child's learning. It will also offer information on where to locate other resources that you may find useful. The newsletter will also contain information on any visits or events your child may be involved in during the half term.

Nursery Class Letters 2022-2023

Nursery Newsletter - Autumn 1
Nursery Newsletter - Autumn 2
Nursery Newsletter - Spring 1
Nursery Newsletter - Spring 2
Nursery Newsletter - Summer 1
Nursery Newsletter - Summer 2


Reception Class Letters 2022-2023


Class Ahlberg Newsletters - 

Class Ahlberg Newsletter - Autumn 1
Class Ahlberg Newsletter  - Autumn 2
Class Ahlberg Newsletter - Spring 1 
Class Ahlberg Newsletter - Spring 2
Class Ahlberg Newsletter - Summer 1
Class Ahlberg Newsletter - Summer 2



Class Donaldson Newsletters - 

Class Donaldson Newsletter - Autumn 1
Class Donaldson Newsletter - Autumn 2
Class Donaldson Newsletter - Spring 1
Class Donaldson Newsletter - Spring 2
Class Donaldson Newsletter - Summer 1
Class Donaldson Newsletter - Summer 2