Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We believe that Art and Design is a vital and integrate part of student’s education. Our Art and Design curriculum will provide students with valuable skills to enable them to express and communicate in a range of creative ways. 

In Art and Design, we will enable students to …

  • Express their creativity through a variety of different materials, tools and media. 
  • Understand the history of art and the value. 
  • Develop understanding of their own and other’s cultural heritages.  
  • Become critical thinkers.  
  • Inspired by gallery visits

To enable this, students at our Academy learn a variety of artistic techniques, which are enhanced upon each year as well as learning how to effectively use a range of different media.  Moreover, they will be exposed to a wide diverse range of past and present male and female artist and designers to have a broad and balanced curriculum and a secure knowledge of important aspects of culture. Students will have the opportunities to visit art galleries to promote a love of art and to influence young artist. Students study a wide range of art genres from contemporary to modern, this exposure to a range of artists enables them to broaden their artistic cultural capital. Our students are competent with using a range of materials and products, our schemes of work include metalwork, ceramics alongside a vast array of painting and drawing medias.

Art Knowledge Organiser