Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Geography develops a strong understanding of the interdependencies between humans and our world so our students have a sense of responsibilty for their community and understand their role in the wider world.

Developing and embedding a progressive curriculum throughout our primary and secondary curriculum enables our students to become successful geographers. Through in-depth enquiry questions students gain knowledge and an appreciation for diverse people, places, resources, natural and human environments. Through high quality, geographical education students will develop a deep understanding of the interaction between key human, environmental and physical processes. To meet the needs of our students we prioritise widening access to global environments maximizing on our students diverse cultural heritage to ensure geography inspires them to engage with the wider world. We also deepen their understanding of our local context through exploration of the rich geography of Britain studying both the physical environment and the human impact on the world. By delivering geogeography in a language rich environment with a specific focus on robust vocabulary instruction students become articulate and confident citizens of the world. 

Alongside a broad locational and contextual understanding of the world, students will learn and apply geographical skills in a range of fieldwork settings giving students access to coasts, rivers, national parks as well as urban environments. Alongside high quality classroom provision this enables them to interact with their environment both in the classroom, in our local community, our city and the wider world. 

Through an engaging, practical, progressive and relevant curriculum, students become well-rounded geographers with a care for people, their community and their environment. 

Geography Knowledge Organiser