Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


History is the key to decode the world around you. We provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand the past, examine how it is shaping our present and explore the impact it will have on the future.

We aim to deliver history through enquiry based learning; asking a key question and striving to develop student’s intellectual curiosity and their ability to think critically. By looking at the world through a variety of lenses students will explore the political, social, religious and economic impact of historical events and significant figures. They will also be encouraged to make links and recognise how the challenges of the past can still affect the world today. History is delivered with an intent to inspire further learning, maximizing opportunities for cross-phase and cross-curricular study. From EYFS to GCSE the teaching within the subject is designed to build on prior knowledge and experiences, steadily increasing the depth and richness of student vocabulary and knowledge so that our learners become articulate and fluent historians.

Starting with the fundamental concept of inference during their time in the academy, students will encounter a range of images, texts, artefacts and interpretations, developing historical skills and a greater awareness of chronology and the process of change. Over time key knowledge and concepts will be revisited, embedded and extended so that students can critically weigh up evidence, examine

History Knowledge Organiser