Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Over the year 7 curriculum, pupils will cover a wide range of different texts, writing, themes and skills.  These will form the foundations for GCSE English Language and English Literature study in the forthcoming years. 

The focus for the first half term will be on play scripts.  We will look at the finding and selecting information and the analysis of structural choices. Pupils will also consider context, how context affects meaning, and identification of themes within the text. In half term two, students will build on these skills and be introduced to two new skills of finding and interpreting explicit and implicit information and the analysis of language choices as we study a class novel. Half term three will focus on poetry and how punctuation, sentence structures, types and forms are used to achieve specific effects.  Half term four will focus narrative and description writing.  We will look at the accurate use of past and present tenses, first and third person and the appropriate structures, conventions and vocabulary for fiction texts to a familiar audience.  Half term five will focus autobiographical writing as we read an autobiography.  We will look at formal letter writing to familiar and unfamiliar audiences. We will look at the use of Standard English, structure, genre conventions and vocabulary.

Half term six will focus on revisiting the reading and writing skills covered as we study a Shakespearian play.

By the end of the year, all pupils will have read:

·         A play script

·         A novel

·         A poetry anthology

·         An autobiography

·         A Shakespeare play

All pupils will have been introduced to the skills above, re-visited them and taken part in intervention sessions where appropriate to ensure these skills are understood and have been mastered in preparation for their year 8 curriculum.

Click here to access the curriculum map for English.

For extra English and Grammar revision, please use the following link to BBC Bitesize.  Click here
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