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Reception Outdoor Learning

Reception have the opportunity to learn in the fabulous outside area. We are lucky to be able to use the brand new climbing frame too. There are lots of things for the children to do, including exploring the water on the water wall, watching it flow down the tubes to the buckets at the bottom. They can write and draw outside. They have also got up-cycled instruments to bang and make music with. The mud kitchen is a fun place for them to concoct muddy recipes and the big numbers allow them to order the numerals. Children also develop physical skills with the bikes and ball skills. Reception love the outdoor space! Please make sure you send in appropriate clothing as they go outside in ALL weathers.

Rocket Readers

We celebrated all the hard work the children have done over this half term. We had new star writers, marvellous mathematicians and our first ever rocket readers.

Lucky Rocket Readers

Nursery- Emily

Reception- Eesa, Sumayyah

Year 1- OJ, Xaara

Year 2 – Khadijah, Inaaya

Year 3- Nasaradiin

Year 4-  Cristal

Year 5- Aaisha

Year 6- Somaya

Forensic Science

On Tuesday afternoon, two students from Sheffield Hallam University visited the year 6’s to teach them about Forensic Science. The children had the opportunity to use ink to study their unique fingerprints and also make a keyring with them on to take home. The students also took the time to answer all the children’s questions about science and crime scenes.

Story Writing at Grimm & Co.

A group of our KS2 children had a very magical experience at the famous Grimm and Co shop. They entered the apothecary and found potions, wands and all the magical things a witch or wizard would desire. Whilst they were wandering around the shop they uncovered a magic bookshelf that revealed a secret passage to Grim and Griselda’s home. On their way up the stairs Mr Rawling unblocked his brain with the thought unblocker and Mrs Ceesay had some imagination oil poured into her ear. Once inside the house, the children were then challenged to write a      fantastical story about anything their imagination could create. Griselda was so impressed with their stories each child’s story was published into a book. They didn’t think their day could get any better until they were told they could leave the apothecary by using the magic sliding bean stalk! 

Reception visit the Royal Armouries in Leeds

Our reception children were very excited to visit the Royal Armouries in Leeds. They met a knight who showed them his armour and learnt all about Sir Eric and how he got his armour. The knight then let all the children make a puppet which they were able to take home with them.  After lunch, they had a great time        exploring the armouries and saw some of the amazing things there!



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