Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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World Cup Fever continued...

In assembly this morning we rounded our celebration of World Cup week off by each class giving a performance of their chosen country that they have been learning about.  Reception class sang French song Frere Jacques for their chosen country, France.  

Year 1 showed a sample of Samba dancing from Brazil as well as Year 2 doing Flamenco dancing from Spain.  Year 3/4's country was Germany and they performed a musical about the famous German landmarks, traditional German food and danced to the official 2018 FIFA World Cup song.  

Year 5 did a presentation on Costa Rica with facts and general knowledge.  And Year 6 demonstrated a popular children's game that is played in Russia similar to our popular game, Duck Duck Goose.

The assembly showed what each class has been learning about different countries by keeping in line with the topic of World Cup week.

OADV Sports Day 2018

OADV Annual Sports Day 2018 took place on Monday 2nd July at EiS. 

Teams were split into 4 houses of St George, St Andrew, St Patrick and St David where they completed events to win points. 
Teams went into various stations and competed in activities such as long jump, agility sprint, quoit throw, bat and ball relay, high jump and bean bag target throw.  All children then raced against each other in a 30m sprint. 
To end the day we had teachers racing against each other in a 100m track and it was lovely to see our parents get involved too with mums and dads racing against each other.
In assembly Mr Pape and Mr Shaw announced winners of the various events they took part in.
The winning house was St George with a staggering 1229 points!  Second was St Andrew with 1140 points.  In third place came St Patrick with 1111 points and finally in fourth place was St David with 1013 points!  Well done to St George who received the trophy!
Winners of the race from each class also received a medal. 
A very big well done to all our children who behaved extremely well at EiS and did the Academy proud.  A big thank you to all our parents who took the time out to join us and cheer the children on.  Finally, a big thanks to all our teachers who were great sports!
Take a look on our website for pictures of the event.

Football Fever

Our year 5 and 6 boys played in a football tournament against Phillimore and High Hazels. The children showed pride, humility and self-control in their playing and we had no yellow cards or fouls. It was also a great chance for the children to get to know some of the children that will be coming to Year 7 next year.


Edible Garden

Our Academy Edible Garden is starting to bloom with a variety of fruits and vegetables the children have planted over the last few months.  The garden is fully up and running and we have daily lunch clubs plus teachers taking classes out for outdoor learning opportunities.    Children are learning about planting, growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables, and how to tend and nurture a garden.  Children are physically active by being outdoors and learning about where food comes from.  It is a b excellent platform for Children to share resources and  take part in teamwork and problem solving.  Currently we are growing artichoke, spinach, sweetcorn, lettuce, runner beans, potatoes, pumpkins, apples, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and rhubarb.  Everything grown is organic and healthy.


World Cup Fever

We teamed up with the Red Panda Agency to bring World Cup workshops to the Academy today.  Children were involved in a series of workshops involving Russian dancing, Flamenco dancing, Samba dancing and learning Freestyle Football.