Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020

Nursery title  – The light in the Dark


In the dark, cold forest, there was a tall tree covered in frost. I heard a grey, small mouse squeaking because she was hungry and looking for food. A brown, fluffy squirrel nibbled the branches. From the distance, I heard an owl “twit-twoo” because a fox was quietly on the hunt for some rabbits.

Year 1

Deep in the forest, there lived a one eared teddy bear called Tommy. He had brown fur, which was soft to touch, and a dark brown nose. His light brown paws on his feet were now torn and weathered but his eyes sparkled with adventure.

Year 2

One day, Tommy decided to venture into the dark, cold forest as it beckoned him in. He had taken only a few steps when suddenly, a blue, spiky hoop shot out of the sky. As Tommy walked along, he noticed it hiding in a dirty, green bush. Confused and concerned, Tommy edged towards the object. Carefully, he touched the object to see what would happen. WOOSH! Tommy began to shrink as he was sucked into the strange looking object. He tumbled and tumbled and tumbled until he landed in a dark, scary jungle. All around him, he could see colossal, beastly dinosaurs!

Year 3

He ran as fast as his torn old paws would carry him until he found the safety of a house. He cautiously entered, “Hello, hello anyone here?” No answer.  Tommy ventured up the stairs, wondering what adventure he may discover next. He could hear a quiet ringing. There in the corner of an old room, Tommy saw a mysterious ball “HUH?”

He peered inside the ball and stared anxiously at the white light that shone from inside. Behind the light, there was nothing. ‘How unusual,’ Tommy thought to himself. He began to wish that inside the ball there had been gold when suddenly… ZING…. 100 gold bars appeared in front of him!

Year 4

His excitement began to grow when he heard the quiet ringing again. It had not come from the ball! He glanced up, his heart beating faster, faster as the realisation dawned on him. The noise was coming from the attic.

Slowly he pulled the rusty ladder down from the latch ‘creeeeeek’. Dust began to fall onto his face causing him to take a step back. Blackness lay ahead but he knew he must discover where the ringing was coming from. Slowly he began to make his way up, one paw at a time, the ringing becoming louder and louder with each step.

He waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness and as he did, he was amazed to see only one item. A can of baked beans… no sooner had he had time to think what adventure of magic lay within the can of beans he heard footsteps from below.

Year 5/6

Lurking in the shadows, a masked man crept up the creaking staircase. Searching for the treasure Tommy had now discovered. The mystery figure cautiously approached an old, wooden door and peered through the keyhole..

Tommy froze with fear as the he could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer. Up the stairs, down the corridor and finally he could hear the footsteps coming up the ladder.

“Where is the treasure?” screamed the angry masked man. Tommy realised that now in his hand he held a shiny grenade. How? He thought to himself but then without hesitation he threw the grenade.

BANG. Smoke filled the room. Tommy coughed as the smoke began to fill his lungs. The masked man had disappeared and in his place lay… a toilet.

Tommy slowly stepped towards the toilet. What now? He wondered to himself. He warily looked inside… pearls floated to the top of the basin. Tommy could not believe the adventures he had had and the treasure he had now discovered.